Stoic Living for the Modern Soul Dmitri Mandaliev

ISBN: 9781496191243

Published: March 11th 2014


72 pages


Stoic Living for the Modern Soul  by  Dmitri Mandaliev

Stoic Living for the Modern Soul by Dmitri Mandaliev
March 11th 2014 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 72 pages | ISBN: 9781496191243 | 3.24 Mb

Stoic Living for the Modern Soul is a guidebook of philosophy and inspiration for living a better life in the modern age. From the book: This work aims to show you what/when/how stoic approaches to life may be useful. I will endeavor to correct what I think are some misunderstandings and caricatures of stoicism which one often encounters. In brief, I write this work as a modern stoic, who lives and breathes. In order to answer the question What is stoicism? I can only report from what my eyes, spirit, and experience have told me.

Stoicism can be a mental exercise or it can be a way of life to be embraced. Those who choose to embrace it live close to their virtue and reason. As Seneca has put it, virtue itself is right reason. A stoic life may offer a beacon of hope in a dark world largely ruled by fears and desires. Yet stoicism is misunderstood and might be any number of other things.

There are many attributes of a stoic that could be discussed, but the primary point is that stoicism may not be what we may have supposed. It is not an ivory tower into which one disappears to turn away from life. On the contrary, it is embracing life in a manner more fully than one had before.

To face the anxieties, pain, and suffering in such a way as to no longer be controlled by them is truly liberating. To engage in eating, sex, exercise, and work in more meaningful and straightforward ways is empowering and removes extraneous psychological clutter from ones existence. I put it to you that to live a stoic life is to embrace a clear ray of sunshine in what was once a dark pit. This pit was one we created ourselves, fueled by our endless yearnings to appease a fragile ego.

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